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Pearl Harbor Day

When you hear the words “Pearl Harbor” what’s the first thing that pops in your head?  Is it a Landmark like the Statue of Liberty? Is it an Amusement Park like Walt Disney World?  Is it a State Capital like Indianapolis is to Indiana? First of all, do you know what Pearl Harbor is? Do you know the significance of December 7th?
December 7th is known as Pearl Harbor Day.  This is the day an unannounced military strike was conducted by the Japanese navy against the United States’ naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941, and was a cause for the United States to become part of World War II. The United States hasn’t forgotten that day or the history behind the event.
How do you think the attack on Pearl Harbor changed the United States? How do you think you would have reacted during this world-changing event?  What has happened within your lifetime that you think people will ask you about many years from now?

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