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The Vampire Diaries

Vampires steal’n your blood?  Um, Vampires still in your blood?  Have you checked out the Vampire Diaries series?  The books written by Lisa J. Smith, are available at a library near you.  Book # 1, The Awakening introduces the character Elena, a beautiful and popular high school senior who meets the guy of her dreams, Stefan.  Elena soon finds herself thrust into a dangerous love triangle.  Stefan, a vampire, has a brother, Damon.  The two brothers are purveyors of good and evil.  Look out Stephanie Meyer; Lisa J. Smith has taken vampires to a whole new level.  There is even a television series based on the books!  The second season of Vampire Diaries aired on September 9th on CW.  Missed the first season?  No problem, it will soon be headed to the library shelves! 

Want to keep up with everything Vampire Diaries?  If you have a Facebook page, search for HarperTeen and click “like” on the page.  Now you will be on top of everything new Harper, the publisher, has geared toward teens.  Who knows, you may even find another great book you want to check out.

Sherlock, not a vampire, has a new look on IMCPL’s website, but will still guide you to everything vampire and more, at the touch of the keyboard.  Check it out!

The<br /> Awakening



The Awakening









The Struggle



The Struggle









The Fury & Dark  Reunion



The Fury & Dark Reunion









The Return: Nightfall



The Return: Nightfall









The Return: Shadow Souls



The Return: Shadow Souls

Burned, by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

BurnedThis is book seven in the House of Night series, about teenage vamps at a vampire boarding school. As a general rule, I really like books about witches much more than the whole vampire scene. Magickal elements are fascinating to me, and that may be why I felt so drawn to the House of Night series. Specially gifted vampire fledglings can invoke earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit whenever they cast magic circles to communicate with their goddess Nyx….or possibly whenever they need the elements to help shield them from danger. But these teens really have to use their brains too. They can’t be totally saved from peril just by invoking their elements.

The first several books in the House of Night series take place at the vampire school itself. Once the action is well established and several plotlines begin to come together, the later books—most notably, Burned—feature several new components that coincide with welcome changes of scenery.

If you too like other elements in your vampire fiction—like Wiccan magick, Native American traditions, mythology, Scottish lore, a bit of western religion—then this is the series for you.

Marked, by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Looking for a cool read on a hot summer day? Try Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast; mother and daughter authors. Marked is the first in a series called House of Night. It’s a great blend of the Harry Potter series where the main character has a crummy relationship with parental types of the human world and doesn’t quite fit in but finds that there is a special uniqueness that brings out heroism in another realm AND the teen vampire relationships that we really luvvvv to read about!

Zoey Redbird has been chosen and marked with a crescent moon zapped on her forehead by a vampyre. However, she is not your normal vampyre fledgling. She has been chosen as “special” by the Goddess Nyx. As Zoey starts her first month at a new school, she is faced with meeting new people, making new enemies, meeting a hunk and finding her destiny. Marked by tattoos and no fangs, this vampyre story is a cool twist to the teen vampire genre.

Movie Release: Twilight


On November 21st the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s book, Twilight, is released in theaters! The story follows Bella Swan as she moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to gloomy Forks, Washington to live with her father. Soon she meets a mysterious and beautiful stranger, Edward Cullen. The two are immediately drawn to each other, but their relationship is put to the test because Edward just happens to be a vampire.  You can learn more about the movie at the official movie site, and the book at the author’s official site.

If you haven’t read the book yet, check it out from the library. Let us know what you think!