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Textorize Your Photos!

Want to surprise your friends with a cool digital gift?  Or how about when you surf MySpace or Facebook, making your snapshots stand out from the crowd?    Take your favorite photo and Textorize it!  This software takes your original picture and recreates it with colored text.  Check this out.

It’s a two step process:

1)  Textorize!  Available both as a download for your computer at home and to use online here and here at the library.  If you use the online version, save the file with with .svg at the end.

2)  Convert it!  Go here to upload your .svg file that you made in step 1.  Convert it to a jpg and download your new Texturized picture to use as you’d like.   Don’t like the results?  Play with the settings and try it again!

Want to see more best efforts from others?  Check out Flikr, the photo-sharing website, which has a Textorized group here.