Don’t forget to sign up for the Summer Reading Program!



The Summer Reading Program  begins on June 2nd! That’s next Monday!

Click on the READ IN ANY LANGUAGE picture for details about the program.




You won’t want to miss out on the prizes:



Mustache erasers



BOGO Indiana Fever Pass

BOGO Indianapolis Indians Pass

Little Caesars Crazy Bread Coupon



Hedgehog Lip Gloss


BOGO Indy Parks Pool Pass



Teen Paperback Books







White Castle Three for Free Coupon

Children’s Museum Guild Haunted House Pass and a Free State Fair Admission!



Have a sweet tooth? Get some jelly beans . . .




. . . and some sour twists!


Let the festivities begin!

–Michelle Frost

Dazzling Duct Tape!

From Michael:

It’s already the second week of the Summer Reading Program. Can you believe it? Hope you are all reading for yourselves and saving points for something really nice. How about a Indiana State Fair pass? Or maybe a Haunted House Pass? Or perhaps something else, let us know in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out your local branch for a TEENS-ONLY workshop: Duct Tape Messenger Bag Workshop. You’ll be using duct tape and some pretty sharp cutting tools to create a one-of-a-kind messenger bag. But hurry! Only 15 seats are available for each session and they are going to fill up fast! Here’s the list of workshops.

Can’t wait for the workshop? Want to make something else? We’ve got books for that. Try one of the titles below.

Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape)


Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape)



Stick it!  99 D.I.Y. Duct Tape Projects


Stick it! 99 D.I.Y. Duct Tape Projects



Go Crazy with Duct Tape


Go Crazy with Duct Tape



The Duct Tape Book


The Duct Tape Book


Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities


Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities



Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects


Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects



Dazzling Duct Tape Designs


Dazzling Duct Tape Designs


There’s also a Duct Tape craft website.

Take a picture of something you made or want to make and leave a link in the comments below.

Read Together, Right Now – Summer Reading Program 2013

srp_littleIt’s almost here! June 3rd is first day of the summer reading program here at IndyPL! The theme this year is “Read Together, Right Now” complete with a 60’s theme and artwork. Peter Max rocks! More details about the program are here.

What?! It’s just for kiddies? Nope, it’s for you, too, teen reader. Here’s the scoop….

First, we’ve got books just for you. Worth more than average book, check out our bonus book list. Good reading and worth 30 points a piece.

What? You don’t want to read a lot for yourself this summer? Well, did you know that you get points for reading aloud to your younger brothers and sisters? Tis true, and the points add up quickly. And if you want, you can share the points with others in your family!

The Duct Tape Messenger Bag workshop is for teens only (13-17). You’ll be using cutting tools and duct tape to create a one-of-a-kind messenger bag that you’ll be proud of. But hurry and sign up at your local branch, there is a limit of 15 teens per workshop. All the different workshops are listed here.

Like swimming for free (well, BOG, actually.)? How about a fun package at Royal Pin Fun Center? What? Need more? Okay, how about free tickets to the County Fair, worth $5.00? Free tickets to the STATE Fair, worth $10.00? Haunted House passes, worth $7.00? They can all be yours. The biggest prizes can be won by reading five teen novels. Just five! And there are a lot more prizes to be won.

We’ve even got a few teen films  to show you this summer, titles and times vary with location.

It’s going to be a great summer, we hope to see you here at the Library!

Summer is Almost Here!

Just a few more days before summer begins. We can’t believe it either. It’s almost summer and the memories are just waiting to happen. Some kids just sleep in every day and take it one day at a time. Others plan every moment out to maximize the fun. So, our question for you is: “What are you going to do this summer?”


Of course, our first suggestion is to participate in the Summer Reading Program at the Library. Details are here. Don’t let it pass you by. This year’s prizes are pretty sweet.


Need something else? Here’s a couple of ideas:

• Visit a big city: Mom and Dad probably aren’t going to let you go to Chicago or Cincinnati by yourself, but they might let you plan the trip. Show off your skills with a budget and do some research to see what’s available. We’ve got the books to help!



• Volunteer at your local agency, hospital, shelter or church. There are always those who need help and those who provide it. Interested in medicine later on? Find a hospital to volunteer in and soak up some atmosphere while you help people.


There are so many other things to do. Learn to play guitar. Take up painting. Play a sport. Learn macramé. Figure out how computers really work. The list goes on and on.

Whatever you decide to do, the best place to start is the library. Stop by your local branch today and get started!!

–from Michael

“Divergent” by Veronica Roth (And the Library’s Teen Films June 24-30)

DivergentDivergent is a sharply-written first novel by a recent Northwestern Un. Grad. This teen SF novel will be popular with the same readers who liked The Hunger Games series, especially young women looking for a strong heroine breaking away from a limited existence and facing difficult and deadly odds.

In the generations after a war which has destroyed much of Chicago, the residents have divided into 5 “factions”, each based on a philosophical principle. Beatrice, just turned 16, has grown up in the Abnegation faction, which believes that selfishness was the cause of the disasters of the past and that denial of self and focus on others is the key to avoiding future conflicts. The other factions are Dauntless (pro-bravery), Erudite (pro-education and research), Candor (pro-honesty), and Amity (pro-peace). The different factions tend to do different jobs within the community of factions. E.g., Abnegation provides government leaders, Erudite provide teachers and scientists, Dauntless provides security and defense, etc.

Once a year all of the 16 year-olds go through aptitude tests to inform them about which faction matches their personality. They can choose to remain with their families, or choose the faction that matches their aptitude results, or go against both and choose something else. They then become initiates in the faction they choose. If they do not choose or if they fail to fit into their choice, they become “factionless” and have to live outside the norms of this society, driving trucks, doing manual labor, even perhaps being homeless and impoverished (although we see little evidence that the members of the factions have any true understanding of what life outside the factions is like).

Beatrice is told secretly during her aptitude tests that she is “Divergent” and to never tell anyone. It appears to mean someone who doesn’t clearly fit any one faction but who has characteristics of more than one. The real meaning turns out to be much more significant than that. Beatrice chooses “Dauntless” and then discovers that all of the new initiates have to pass a severe series of trials of their physical and mental toughness. Not all will pass. The losers will become factionless.

Beatrice finds her toughness but also finds hints that this society of factions has the potential to come apart violently.

Very exciting, page-turning story with good main characters, although the “villains” are stereotyped. Still, not many flaws for a first novel and the energy of the story and writing style carry the reader over any beginner bumps. There is a level of violence similar to that of The Hunger Games. The second book, Insurgent, was just released. We’ll be eager to read that, too. It will be reviewed next week.


Here are next week’s teen movies. Click on any title to see where else it is playing this summer.

Real Steel


Tue., June 26, 5:45 pm pm

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Wed., Jun 27, 6:00 pm

Stomp the Yard


Fri., Jun 29, 3:00 pm

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Spades Park

Fri., June 29, 3:00 pm


College Avenue

Sat., Jun 30, 2:00 pm

War Horse


Sat., Jun 30, 2:00 pm

Real Steel


Sat., June 30, 2:00 pm