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Summer Jobs

Money, money, money, money! Do you need some? If you`re still in search of a summer job there are some good places to check. One of the best places to go is to the Library`s website. The Job Search Info Guide has some great websites that will help you search and locate jobs in your area.

Beyond.com is a site that has some great summer jobs listed. Some examples of summer related job searches are camp counselors and summer interns.

Another good site to check out is Snagajob.com. It`s known for having hourly positions. You can limit it to your zip code and they have a link on their home page you can click on that has only summer jobs.

There are other good sites for jobs and career help on the Infoguide, but if you`re looking for other options you can always try the Indy Star classifieds or Career Builder.

The Search for a Summer Job

Are you looking for a job this summer or planning for your future career? Check out these websites and see if they can help you find what you are looking for. If you have problems finding a job with these resources ask around or advertise in your neighborhood. You might find a job as a pet sitter or as a baby sitter. Check the library out if you need help.


Groovejob.com has summer jobs just for teens that are updated regularly. It has jobs in many different sectors from retail to restaurant to offices.


At Teens for Hire you can set up your profile that potential employers can view and you can find jobs. It also gives you tips on how to land a job and how keep it once you get it. 


You can always try Indiana Career Connect