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The Host

User Recommendation

If you’re a teenager searching for a deep, and spiritual novel filled with depth and emotion, The Host is the way to go. Filled with events of apprehension and interest that would captivate a wide reading audience, The Host portrays the very essence of finding true love while keeping your dignity as a soul. It shows the meaningful aspects of being a human being, that we often take for granted. Melanie has been one of the few left in a world desolated by creatures known as souls. With her struggles and scattered memory, she sets out to find her lost love, Jared. She must overcome all kind of obstacles and oversee the worst of circumstances in order to succeed. This book will keep you reading untill the break of dawn, with its unstoppable exhilarating plot and emotional character bondage. This book receives a good review. Be sure to check out your own copy of The Host, or purchase one at a local book store.


Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer

Our first recommendation!  Thanks, Ara!
Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn, the last book in the series from Bella’s perspective, was in my opinion, by far the best of them all. It was not only full of action, but also jam packed with pretty much all of the things I’m sure the fans had been waiting for. I won’t give anything away here, but if you want a book with all the content you could ever want……..romance, horror, action……you name it. Then read this book……read the Twilight series……..I hope you like it as much as i did.