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Forged by Fire, by Sharon M. Draper

Forged By FireForged By Fire, a Coretta Scott King Award winner and ALA Best Book for Young Adults pick, tells the story of two siblings fighting for survival in their world filled with neglect and abuse. In Sharon Draper’s second book of the Hazelwood High Trilogy, William and his sister, Angel, meet for the first time on his birthday. From that day forward, they are inseparable. It is the same day that he meets his abusive stepfather. Faced with such a man and a drug-addicted mother both band together to face the fight of their lives. The book has an appealing story line, strong characters and themes for teens. Its short chapters, fast pace and never-ending, unexpected twists will hold hostage even the most reluctant teen readers.

Copper Sun, by Sharon Draper

Copper SunWant something that is full of adventure and history to read this summer? Copper Sun by Sharon Draper is a riveting and intense first-hand account of slavery and indentured servitude in early America. You can tell the author did extensive research to tell the stories of Amari, an African slave and Polly, a white indentured servant.

Poverty and the brutal slave trade changed the lives of these two young women. They both are orphans that have to fight for their will to live. Amari is purchased as a birthday present for the master’s son and Polly is repaying her deceased parents debt. They dream of an escape from the world of servitude, but will their dream come to fruition or are they destined to live their lives in misery? Pick up a copy at your library branch.

Advance Comment: This is one of the best books I’ve read! You are going to need tissues when you read this book! — Nicole