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Book of a Thousand Days, by Shannon Hale

Book of a Thousand Days

Dashti is 14 and alone in the world.  Her mother has died, her brothers have abandoned her, and she’s traded her last animal for employment as a lady’s maid to Saren, the teenage daughter of a rich lord.  Just as Dashti completes her training and is sent into Saren’s service, Saren is locked in a tower-literally, bricked into a tower with only a tiny hole-for seven years for refusing to marry the lord her father has chosen for her, pledging herself instead to yet another lord.  And, bad luck for Dashti, Saren is taking her lady’s maid with her. 

The seasons in this mythological world are extreme, and with sweltering summers, freezing winters, a dwindling supply of food, and a depressed and terrified mistress, it’s a struggle for Dashti to keep them both alive and sane.  And when they finally escape from their prison-well, what waits for them outside isn’t much better. Book of a Thousand Days has everything you could ask for: a fantastic world, relatable characters, magic, adventure, danger, and a whole heap of romance.