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The Secrets of Lighthouse Bluff, by Juli Swisher

Secrets of Lighthouse Bluff

What do you do when your dad has gone missing, you’ve moved from a nice neighborhood to a tiny apartment, and almost all your friends have abandoned you?  These are just some of the things Missy Thomas explores when she and her only friend, gorgeous Ian McCall, get sent to stay for the summer with her Aunt who lives in a creepy lighthouse near Seattle.  Not only do her explorations lead her to discover a secret that could reveal where her father might be, but also how changing her negative attitude with Ian’s help, gets her through the roughest time in her life.

Juli works right here at the library!  Here she is to tell you a little about being an author:  

Writing is something I’ve done since I was a teen…no better way to express yourself.  It allows for what you are feeling at the time, and it gives you perspective on what you can become in the future.

Writing is easy…getting published is HARD!!  Keep reading – is my advice…read all sorts of books to get a feel for what the public likes…not to mention that it’s great to read!

I love mysteries, and love to solve them even more.  It’s great fun to write them too!  Working on my second one!