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Fat Cat, by Robin Brande

Fat CatOkay, you’re either on the inside looking out or you’re on the outside looking in. Fat Cat by Robin Brande tells the story of one Catherine “Cat” Locke, a bright young woman with a self-esteem problem. Oh, yeah, and she’s fat.   This story lets you really understand what Cat is feeling and what she does about it.   If you are overweight, you really can relate to her feelings and how she deals with her life.  If you’re not, this book lets you get inside the head of a “fattie” and really understand how the other half lives.

You know, a good book is like an onion.  You keep finding layers and layers to explore.  This book has science, romance, love, humor and relationships, something for everyone.  Does she really lose the weight?  Does she put Matt (her former friend) in his place?  And what’s this about a science fair project where she lives and eats like a caveman?  (No TV?  No soft drinks? *gasp*) Find out more by checking it out today!