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Reading Giants

reading-giants3When you hear the word Giant do you think of the Green Giant (the vegetable guy) or the Incredible Hulk (the green man)?  But did you know that you can be a Giant by reading to young kids (5th grade and younger)?

The 2 kinds of Reading Giants that Indianapolis Marion County Public Library has are Junior (Jr.) Reading Giants for Grades 6-8 and Reading Giants for Grades 9-12.  Jr. Reading Giants can earn up to 200 points for 1 hour of volunteer time while Reading Giants can earn up to 400 points for 2 hours of volunteer time.

After each participant completes their points they will need to fill out an application and write an essay due on Saturday August 8th.  Jr. Reading Giants write a 50 word essay with a chance to be one of the 175 lucky winners of a $25 gift card while the Reading Giants write a 100 word essay with a chance to be one of the 75 lucky winners of $ 45 gift card.

Please visit your local Branch to find out more information or to register.

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