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Author Visit: Patricia McCormick

Sunday, January 30th   Central Library   2:00 p.m.

Have you ever wondered how does an author pick a topic, how does an author come up with enough information to keep readers engaged for several chapters, or better yet how to give the piece of work a title.  Here is your chance to ask an author the above questions and get your own personal questions answer, buy and get your books signed by the author, and best of all meet the author.
Patricia McCormick is coming to visit Central Library for an Author Talk.  She has written 3 Teen books titled Cut, Purple Heart, and Sold and a JFIC book titled My Brothers Keeper.  The topics these books address are issues teens deal with today.  The topics are similar to self-mutilation, human trafficking, Iraq War, dysfunctional families, and drug abuse.
Patricia McCormick will speak for the first part, have a Q & A Session, then end with book purchasing and book signing with the help of Kids Inc.
Patricia McCormick also has a new work in progress entitled Song of the Killing Fields.

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