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Election 2008 Has Come and Gone

Whether you’re burnt-out, fed up, angry or ecstatic about the election, it’s important that you understand how elections work and where the candidates stand on issues that affect you and your future. There are lots of places to check out election results. For local and national results you can read The Indianapolis Star or go online to a local news website. Even if you can’t vote it’s important to educate yourself about the issues and how elections work so you are prepared when you become eligible.

If you want to speak your mind or learn how other teens feel check out Seventeen’Electionista blog (http://www.seventeen.com/college-career/teen-voting-elections-blog/). Two other blogs where you can go to express your ideals or read what other teens, librarians, and even some of your favorite authors think about the presidential candidates are YA for Obama (http://yaforobama.ning.com) and YA for McCain (http://yaformccain.ning.com).