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Witch & Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson and Ned Rust (due for release Dec. 13)

Witch & Wizard: The GiftWitch & Wizard: The Gift
Whit and his younger sister Wisty Allgood are Freelanders on the run from  “the New Order” (N.O.) led by the evil “One Who Is The One. “ Other teens and children assist, but often the duo are on their own as they hunt for their parents and Whit’s girlfriend, Celia. Wisty can work magic, but is just learning about control;  Whit  has a way with words and images and is still figuring out his gift. The  totalitarian government burns books and outlaws music, magic and creativity. This fast-moving read is reminiscent of Dystopian reads such as  Brave New World,  combined with grotesque brainwashed children and supernatural scary creatures. 
Witch & WizardThis is a sequel to the 2009 Witch & Wizard, which Patterson co-wrote with Gabrielle Charbonnet.  Those who were seeking resolution will be disappointed and those who are enjoying the ride will be excited that the end says “to be continued.”