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What´s Going to Happen Next Friday????? My Darklyng, an Online Serial Novel!!!!!!

Willkie Collins, Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle all wrote books this way.  Now the internet has made the serial novel new again.  Serials are published a little at a time, once a week or once a month—like TV shows.  This makes them easy to read, and they can really hold your interest because you have to wait for the next part.  Slate dot com is hosting a serial novel just for teens.  It’s called “My Darklyng” by Laura Moser and Lauren Mechling.  It’s about Natalie, who auditions to be on the cover of a book in her favorite series of vampire novels.  This leads to a mystery full of models, strange orange pills and a really weird author.  To add to the fun, the characters have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts.  These provide clues to help you solve the mystery before the end of the book.  Interested?  Check out the first few chapters at Slate.com  and read new chapters every Friday until August.  Friend and follow the characters and have a mysterious summer!