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Burned, by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

BurnedThis is book seven in the House of Night series, about teenage vamps at a vampire boarding school. As a general rule, I really like books about witches much more than the whole vampire scene. Magickal elements are fascinating to me, and that may be why I felt so drawn to the House of Night series. Specially gifted vampire fledglings can invoke earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit whenever they cast magic circles to communicate with their goddess Nyx….or possibly whenever they need the elements to help shield them from danger. But these teens really have to use their brains too. They can’t be totally saved from peril just by invoking their elements.

The first several books in the House of Night series take place at the vampire school itself. Once the action is well established and several plotlines begin to come together, the later books—most notably, Burned—feature several new components that coincide with welcome changes of scenery.

If you too like other elements in your vampire fiction—like Wiccan magick, Native American traditions, mythology, Scottish lore, a bit of western religion—then this is the series for you.