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Delirium, by Lauren Oliver

DeliriumLove makes people do strange things, wild things, illegal things, and can, at times, be a nuisance.  Love takes us to the highest highs, and the lowest lows.  But what if there was a cure for love?  For all kinds of love – first love, puppy love, passionate love, love for your pets, love for your children, any kind you can think of.  Would it make society a better place?  Lena thinks so, and she can’t wait to receive the cure on her eighteenth birthday.  However, ninety five days before her birthday, the unthinkable happens….Lena falls in love.  And, with love being “cured”, there is no one she can turn to, unless she wants to be institutionalized for the rest of her life as “diseased”.  What do you think?  Would the world be a better place without love, and all the craziness that can accompany it?  Delirium really makes you think about love, and its place in the world.  Lauren Oliver is the author of Before I Fall, another book that really makes you think.  She’s a great author with a fantastic way with words.