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I Love You Beth Cooper, by Larry Doyle

I Love You Beth Cooper

Larry Doyle’s I Love You Beth Cooper is soon to be a movie starring Hayden Panettierre from “Heroes.”  Get a jump on the movie by reading this hilarious book.  Doyle is a writer for “The Simpsons” and he used to write for “Beavis and Butthead”, so you can imagine what the book might be like!  It takes place on graduation night, after Denis Cooverman tells the whole school in his valedictorian speech that he has always loved head cheerleader Beth Cooper.  The evening spins completely out of control, as Denis, the school’s super nerd, gets beat up, goes to the party of the year, gets beat up again, gets drunk, gets in a car wreck and, well, I won’t spoil any more for you.  Just read it, but don’t read it in public because you will be laughing out loud!  Check out the website, too.  It has music, movie news, contests and more: http://iloveyoubethcooper.com/.