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Going to the State Fair?

We have to tell you when we think of the State Fair, the first thing we think of is deep-fried anything. Twinkies, Snickers, Butter, oh yeah. After that it’s a mish-mash of rides and games along the Midway, some really good music, pigs and cows and sheep and…, well, you get the idea.

The State Fair has announced that 2013 is officially “The Year of Popcorn”

But it’s always the Fair food that is first. Did you know that there is actually a LOT to eat at the State Fair that is pretty good for you and under 350 calories? What? It’s true! Check out this page for more information: Healthy Food Options at the Indiana State Fair. What’s that? Forget the healthy stuff? SHOW ME THE DEEP-FRIED GOODNESS? Okay, here’s a State Fair cookbook for you! Picnics – Potlocks and Prizewinners. Nomnomnom.

So this State Fair thing…. How long have they been around? What did it look like back in the beginning? To answer these questions and a lot more, try out this title: The Great Indiana State Fair at 150: A Pictorial Celebration by Stephen Baker. Full of pictures and more from the history of the State Fair, you’ll enjoy it!

Last but not least, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 is Turkey Hill $2 day. If you’re not in school yet or even want to go in the evening, click here for a $2 admission coupon.

Can’t go to the Fair? Click here for an Indianapolis Star section of pictures, stories and more.

However you can, enjoy the Fair!


The Indiana State Fair

What!!!! It’s time for the Indiana State Fair?  What do people like the best of the Indiana State Fair (ex. concerts, the midway, the 4-H Exhibits, Band Day , the Pioneer Village to name a few)?  This is not to be confused with the Marion County Fair that happened July 21st – 30th. 
This year’s fair theme is the Year of the Soybeans. What or how can soybeans fit into the daily routines and activities of the Indiana State Fair? 

 Indiana State Fair also is celebrating its 155 year of operations along with the state’s German Heritage, exposing Hoosiers to the strong ties, similarities and differences between Indiana and other parts of the World. (information came from http://visitindy.com/indianapolis-events-indiana-state-fair-2011-155th-edition )


H is for Hoosier

H is for Hoosier by Dori Hillestad Butler j977.2BUT





H is for Hoosier: an Indiana Alphabet

H is for Hoosier: an Indiana Alphabet by Cynthia Furlong Reynolds j977.2Rey