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Where did the summer go?

We’re sure that a few of you would have welcomed this in June, while others of you are in denial about the beginning of school even today. No matter how you feel, it’s bound to happen: school either started today or is starting in the next few weeks. Either way, we hope you’ve had a great summer full of books, relaxing, sun, swimming and everything else that makes summer so great.

We’re here to help you ease back into the school mindset, so take some time to explore some of these books about high school, middle school, and all of the interesting dilemmas and such of being a student.

Here’s to a great school year! Have fun reading and Carpe Diem!*

Simply Alice


Simply Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

It’s Alice’s first year of high school and she’s nervous and excited at the same time. As she attempts to juggle challenges with friends, family, and school activities, Alice begins to feel better about herself than ever before.





The Chocolate War


The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

Jerry is a high school freshman who one day makes a decision that’s unpopular among his classmates-and it will change his whole life. Jerry’s persistence and determination not only catches the attention of an elite group of bullies, but also from the corrupt administration of the school.




The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things


The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler

Ginny is an overweight, self-conscious sophomore at a private high school in Manhattan. She doesn’t want anyone to know how overweight she is, so she wears baggy clothing. After several situations, Ginny gains control of her life. She realizes that she must understand who she is on the inside and that this is much more important than external appearances.


Looking for Alaska


Looking for Alaska by John Green

Bored, bored, bored. Miles is 16 and ready for a change, ready to start leading a life full of more adventure than monotony. After he transfers to an Alabama boarding school, he meets beautiful, eccentric Alaska, who fills his life in more ways than he could have ever expected.



*Seize The Day!

Back to School

School is starting in just a few days. Why not start the school year out right by using the Homework Help Website that’s linked to the Teen Scene website. Do you have your school shopping done?  What is the new trend of clothing this fall, what is the newest music topic, newest actor or actress, new TV show to keep up on? Please don’t forget to come visit your local library branch to find out about new and exciting activities that are happening this fall. 

Who knows what kind of knowledge or adventure you will run into while visiting the library.  Like BlogBook 2009 by Barbara Larmon Failing, Does your local branch have a Teen Advisory Board (TAB), and don’t forget to check out the First Friday’s Schedule at Central. Looking forward to see some new friends and touching base with some old friends – Why not do it at the library?

 Here are some books to get your school year off to a good start:

A Strange Day

A Strange Day by Damon Hurd   TEEN 741.5 HUR













Bifocal by Deborah Ellis & Eric Walters   TEEN FIC ELL












And three by John Green, all with the call number TEEN FIC GRE:

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska











An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines











Paper Towns

Paper Towns

Blogbook 2009: Loulane Lambert’s Lists for Life


Want to try reading in a new way? Do you like blogs? Well, you are reading this one so the answer is probably yes. Barbara Larmon Failing, an author and educator is trying something new called Blogbook 2009. Starting June 1st she will post a new part of her book Loulane Lambert’s Lists for Life each day that will continue until it is complete.

You’re probably wondering what this Loulane Lambert’s List for Life is all about. It’s the story of a fourteen-year-old who has recently lost her father, is dealing with a new step-family and is about to start high school in a new town. She also is an aspiring artiste. What will happen to her and how will she spend her summer?

If you want to follow along just check out the Teen Scene everyday starting June 1st until the entire blog is completed.


Finally!!! You have worked hard and played hard to make it to graduation day. No more bells and lockers. High School will soon be in the past and a new future awaits you. Friends and classmates will be scattering in different directions. It is a fun, exciting, and memorable time. Enjoy it while it lasts!  There will be speeches, reminiscing, and lots of parties to attend.

Writing graduation speeches can be excruciating. You can find inspiration at the library. There are books that have sample speeches and other pointers for addressing your peers and all the family that is watching.  Once all the speeches, parties, and tears are shed you will have to look forward, but you will always have the memories. It’s time for a fresh start. Looking back one day it won’t seem quite so bad. You might even miss it.

Can’t Hardly Wait  DVD CAN

Graduation Day

Graduation Day: The Best of America’s Commencement Speeches  808.51












Onward!: 25 Years of Advice, Exhortation, and Inspiration from America’s Best Commencement Speeches  815 ONW











Take This Advice

Take This Advice: The Most Nakedly Honest Graduation Speeches Ever Given  815 TAK











Saved by the Bell. Season 5  DVD 791.4572 SAV Season 5

Beverly Hills 90210. The Third Season  DVD 791.4572 BEV

Last Dance at the Frosty Queen

Last Dance at the Frosty Queen  TEEN FIC UHL












Graduation, Celebrate with Style!

Graduation, Celebrate with Style!: A Graduation Party Planning Guide   793.2 AND 1999












Tribes  TEEN FIC S6312t











 Nothing Can Keep Us Together

Nothing Can Keep Us Together: A Gossip Girl Novel  TEEN FIC VON












Inexcusable  TEEN FIC LYN