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Halloween Haunted House Reviews and Recommendations



The Asylum House

8600 South Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46227

This is an interactive haunted house, meaning the “creators” are able to touch you and do what they want with you throughout the entire haunted house. You start in a completely black house where you have to find your way through by touching walls and moving around while random creatures jump out at you and strobe lights randomly turn on. The second part you enter is the insane asylum where multiple things occur. The very last part is the trip through the forest to escape everything, ending with a man chasing you with a chainsaw. Overall, a great haunted house for people who love to be scared!

from Kayli @ Pike



7525 Acton Rd
Indianapolis IN 46259

Nothing is scarier than a demented clown. Nothing! Brave the cornfields and check out the Haunted Carnival- if you dare! Bonus: Proceeds go to the Franklin Township Food Bank

from Scott @ Southport


Fun a little farther away:

The Haunted Barn

9336 N 450 W
Decatur, IN 46733

This is a nightmarish maze filled with a masked chainsaw wielding madman, a school bus with dead kids on board and from which a scared screaming child gets yanked through the ceiling.  There is also a bathroom scene from the movie Saw where someone is screaming for help and a makeshift operating room where someone’s guts are on display.  This barn has parts where the visitors have to crawl up and back down to experience the terror.  It is a full contact adventure!

from Claudine @ infoZone


Indy Scream Park

5211 South New Columbus Road
Anderson, IN 46013

 It’s $25 for 5 different haunted attractions, which is $5 each.  They also have a big outdoor square with horror versions of classic midway games, fair food (that I didn’t try), and the opportunity to get your picture taken with a clown that looked creepier than Stephen King’s It.  The wait was about an hour for the ticket (but you can purchase that ahead of time on the website).  Got there at about 7pm on a Friday night, and we were done by midnight.  5 attractions in 5 hours…not bad at all.  Here’s the lowdown on each one rated from best to worst.

Bedlam 3D:  Indoor haunted freak house with black light effects, tilting rooms, moving floors, and people jumping at me when I least expected it.  Icing on the cake:  3D glasses.

Nachtmahr:  German for “nightmare” and it didn’t disappoint.  It had all the best parts of the campy horror flicks I love, the animatronics were creative, and the best performers in the whole place.  The creep factor was diminished by the blaring Rob Zombie soundtrack.  Best room:  the library, of course!

Kurayami:  Pitch black labyrinth with uneven floors, sometimes short enough that I had to duck.  I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face, so I had to feel my way through it.  It was a few too many twists and turns for me, by the end I was a bit bored.  If you’re claustrophobic or have issues with personal space, avoid this one.  Best part:  can’t tell you, it’d ruin the surprise, but here’s a hint:  listen for the buzz.

Infected:  Outdoor alien meteor crash site filled with military agents trying to contain the virus before it infects everyone and turns them into zombies.  It was fun, but I was only really scared once or twice.  There were so many missed opportunities for performers to jump out and scare us.  Best part:  the fireball!

Backwoods:  Cannibalistic overall wearing folks with bad southern accents.  They all wanted to put me in their stew.  Even the chainsaw wielding people chasing us down the path made me giggle.  Best part:  (performer yelling out to my husband) Hey, there’s a big guy with a beard!  He’d make a good stew!  GET IN MAH KITCHEN!  LOLZ!

from Emilie @ East 38th Street