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Hate List, by Jennifer Brown

Hate List

Hate List   TEEN FIC BRO

Valerie Leftman is a junior at Garvin High School, and she and her boyfriend, Nick, are people the popular kids like to tease.  Valerie has a notebook she and Nick call the “Hate List”, a list of kids they hate for various reasons.  For Valerie, the list is a way to vent.  For Nick, it becomes a list of victims.  Nick brings a gun to school, and starts shooting people on the list.  Valerie not only gets shot trying to stop Nick, she keeps him from shooting someone she thought she hated.  Nick kills himself, and Valerie must face the fall out from their actions when she returns to school as a senior – the hatred of parents, faculty, and other students, a former “enemy” now a friend, and her own journey of healing.  Along the way, Valerie discovers a lot about the power of hate, the power of love, and who she really is