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2 Reviews: Stupid Fast & The Real Real

Stupid Fast

Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach

This coming of age book is very well done. The main character found his father dead at age 5, but the entire family carries the wounds. There’s real affection, pain, and indifference between Felton Reinstein and his brother and mother. Felton has an astounding growth spurt and discovers he’s built for running – and football. This book has some interesting insights on jock life – through the eyes of a new jock who has a girlfriend piano prodigy, and a strong case of teen angst. Felton is quite endearing, and learns a lot about friendship, family, and the power of doing what you love.  

 The Real Real
The Real Real by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Some of the humor and insights from these authors of The Nanny Diaries made this a fun read, but the plot bogs down. Teens are chosen for a supposed reality show, but are then typecast as some things they aren’t (friends, rich, etc.). The Breakfast Club-like friendships formed do make some sense. Not being a fan of reality TV, I wasn’t enchanted, but I did like the working girl protagonist and her crush interest.