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Game Con!

Do you like gaming? Not video games, but board games. Warhammer 3000, Risk, Monopoly, Quelf, Dungeons and Dragons and the list goes on and on. We do, too. And in a few weeks, the largest gaming convention descends on Indianapolis. GenCon.

You’ve seen them in the news with Star Wars outfits and other costumes. You can get your game on, have some fun playing old favorites or learning new games and even getting ready for GenCon!

Click here, or on the picture above, for a list of events around the system. Ever better? We’re giving away gift cards and having a drawing for not one but TWO PAIRS of full GenCon passes, worth over $180.00. See you at the Library!

Gen Con!

This August, one of the longest running and exciting gaming conventions will be going on in downtown Indianapolis.  Gen Con, running August 4 – 7 , hosts all sorts of events, including trading card games, Role Playing Games (RPGs), video games, board games, and many, many others.  There is an art show, a costume contest, charity auction, board game library, dealer’s room, anime viewing room, and lots of other fun activities and events.  Many of the events are 24 hour, and several area restaurants are running specials and/or staying open longer to accommodate the convention.

For more info, check out the Gen Con site! –
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