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You could win a visit from Andrew Luck and Dwayne Allen!


November 15 – December 31, 2014
• The contest is to promote and encourage young people, 6 to 17 years-old, to use their library cards at the various branches and Central Library of the Indianapolis Public Library (the “Library”).
• The contest begins 12 a.m. November 15, 2014, and ends 11:59 p.m. December 31, 2014.
• Library card holders are automatically entered into the contest when they use their library card for any library service. Only one library card usage per day, per person will count for entry into the contest. No purchase is necessary to win the contest.
• The more days during the contest period the library card holders use their library card, the more automatic chances are entered into the contest and the greater the odds of winning.
• After the contest period ends, one winner will randomly be drawn by computer and notified on January 9, 2015.
• The date and time of the Colts players visit is to be determined by the Indianapolis Colts and the Library.
• The contest winner will be eligible to choose which Library location hosts the visit.
• The event is limited to the winning child, the winning child’s family and 20 of the child’s friends each accompanied by an adult – not to exceed 50 people.
• The contest winner must be a Library card holder, 6 to 17 years-old, and a legal resident of the fifty United States.
• The contest is open to the general public, not Library employees.
• The contest is run by the Indianapolis Public Library, P.O. Box 211, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-0211.
• Contest prize has no retail value.


Get ready for some football!

While you’re waiting for the big game, check out these football stories from the library.

Dairy Queen


Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

After spending her summer running the family farm and training the quarterback for her school’s rival football team, sixteen-year-old D.J. decides to go out for the sport herself, not anticipating the reactions of those around her. 




Gym Candy


Gym Candy by Carl Deuker

Groomed by his father to be a star player, football is the only thing that has ever really mattered to Mick Johnson, who works hard for a spot on the varsity team his freshman year, then tries to hold onto his edge by using steroids, despite the consequences to his health and social life.





Leverage by Joshua Cohen

High school sophomore Danny excels at gymnastics but is bullied, like the rest of the gymnasts, by members of the football team, until an emotionally and physically scarred new student joins the football team and forms an unlikely friendship with Danny.




Shooting Star


Shooting Star by Fred McKissack Jr.

Jomo Rogers, a naturally talented athlete, starts taking performance enhancing drugs in order to be an even better high school football player, but finds his life spinning out of control as his game improves.






Shut Out by Kody Keplinger
Fed up with the increasingly violent rivalry between the football and soccer teams at Hamilton High, Lissa and other players’ girlfriends go on strike, but the girls will succeed only if their libidos can be controlled longer than the boys’ can.

Go Fight Win or May the Best Team Win!!

Football games aren’t they over yet? Yes, the season is over for the High School teams.  No, sorry the football season isn’t over yet for the College or Pro’s. 

There’s still the College Bowl Games that start December 20, 2008 and run through January 8, 2009.  For more information on the schedule of bowl games and the teams playing each bowl look at the Bowl Championship Series website.

The season is also going full force for the Pro’s.  They are still preparing for the Super Bowl on February 1, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.   Is your favorite team still in the running? What will even be more exciting is when the Super Bowl will actually be here in Indianapolis in 2012.  Will you be there to watch?

Don’t forget to check out your local branch for titles, but here are a few titles for you:


The Rules of the Game: Ethics in College Sport   796.043


Bowl Games: College Football's Greatest Tradition

Bowl Games: College Football’s Greatest Tradition   796.33263 OUR







Super Bowl Book   796.3327


Super Bowl!

Super Bowl!   j796.332 P783s