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Escaping into the Night, by D. Dina Friedman

TITLEMany books have been written about the Holocaust, both fiction and non-fiction.  Escaping into the Night opens a new window by combining these formats.  With vivid language and tight dialogue, readers are drawn into a story based on actual events.  After her mother is murdered by the Nazis, 13 year old Halina Rudowski escapes from a Polish ghetto.  Traveling at night, the band of fellow Jewish survivors finds its way to a secret encampment of 300 refugees.  Led by partisans, assisted by scattered villagers, and aided by Russian soldiers, the group learns to survive and defend themselves.  Here, Halina with the help of her friends Batya, Reuven, and Eli, finds her courage, her hope, and her voice.  In her first novel, Friedman never romanticizes, idealizes, or trivializes her characters or the terrible events of World War II.  Though published as a book for young adults, this is a book for all ages.