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Stealing Heaven, by Elizabeth Scott

Stealing Heaven18-year-old Danielle is a professional thief.  It’s her way of life, and what she knows best.  As a child she was trained in her “career” by her own parents.  Now it’s just Dani and her mother….but they’ve never lacked for jobs to pull.  As long as there are homes to rob, wallets to snare, cars for the taking—the two of them will be just fine.  Danielle has never been comfortable in the role of thief.  But she can’t let Mom down.  Plus her mother’s love is all Dani has in the world, all she can call her own.  She has no permanent home, no school, no friends.  Certainly none of her possessions are her own.  Not even her I.D. is real.  But her mother’s love and protection….those are real.  And as long as her mom needs her, Danielle will do what she’s told.  Even if she secretly despises it.  Even if she accidentally befriends the daughter of her mom’s latest target.  Even if she falls in love with a young police officer, quite by mistake, in the small town of Heaven.

Stealing Heaven is a 2010-2011 Eliot Rosewater Award nominee.