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The False Princess, by Eilis O´Neal

The False PrincessThe False Princess

For sixteen years, Nalia not only thought her name was Nalia, but that she was Crown Princess of Thorvaldor.  However, she is told her name is actually Sinda, and she was being used as a decoy, because of a terrible prophecy that the real princess would be murdered before her sixteenth birthday.  Now that the fateful years have passed, Sinda is no longer needed, and she is dismissed with a few dresses and some gold coins for her trouble.  Utterly lost, she is deposited in a small village far from the city.  Taken in by an aunt she’s never met, Sinda proves hopeless at simple daily tasks, and discovers a very powerful magic within her that could possibly be a danger.  She finally decides her only path is to return to the capital city, to learn to control her magic.  But she discovers there was not just one false princess…..but two.   Torn between duty and safety, Sinda must find her way through many plots and intrigue, find the true princess, and also discover her own true self.