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Downton Abbey: The End is Near, But It´s Not Too Late to Get Started

Downton Abbey, the first season

Have you heard friends talking about Downton Abbey? Are you perplexed? The second season of this popular British series is wrapping up on Sunday, February 19th. But if you’re clueless and have missed all the episodes, there are at least four reasons why you shouldn’t panic.

1. You can click here for an article that will let you know what’s going on in the series without telling you too much. In addition to that info, it lists some teen books that Downton Abbey fans might enjoy, all of which are available at the library and some of which feature werewolves and time travel, elements completely lacking in DA itself.

2. You can check out Downton Abbey, the first season from the library. Okay, there are 237 requests on the set at the moment, so, to be accurate, you’ll be able to check out the DVD’s sometime before the heat death of the sun. (I exaggerate. The library has lots of copies, and is prone in this sort of situation to ordering more.)

The World of Downton Abbey

3. There are only 105 requests on the book The World of Downton Abbey, which–according to the article linked-to above–is well written and “profusely illustrated with film stills and behind-the-scenes photos,” and “introduces the show’s characters and plot particulars, while also painting a broader picture of the events and social changes that provide the historical backdrop for the storylines.”

If you’re like me and haven’t seen much of the show, you’ll want to do that before looking at the book. But I’m going to borrow the DVD’s from my mother-in-law, so I’ve got an edge.

4. Downton Abbey, Season 2 is also available at IMCPL. Which is odd, since the show is just now airing. But it aired in England first.