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Blogbook 2009: Loulane Lambert’s Lists for Life


Want to try reading in a new way? Do you like blogs? Well, you are reading this one so the answer is probably yes. Barbara Larmon Failing, an author and educator is trying something new called Blogbook 2009. Starting June 1st she will post a new part of her book Loulane Lambert’s Lists for Life each day that will continue until it is complete.

You’re probably wondering what this Loulane Lambert’s List for Life is all about. It’s the story of a fourteen-year-old who has recently lost her father, is dealing with a new step-family and is about to start high school in a new town. She also is an aspiring artiste. What will happen to her and how will she spend her summer?

If you want to follow along just check out the Teen Scene everyday starting June 1st until the entire blog is completed.