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Review of Seconds: A Graphic Novel

secondsSeconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley with Jason Fischer, drawing assistant ; Dustin Harbin, lettering ; Nathan Fairbairn, color.

Available in Print.

Write down your mistake, eat a mushroom, go to sleep, wake up anew with your mistake erased. If it only it were that easy. First, the mushrooms are special. Second, the mistake must have taken place on the premises (in this case, the Seconds restaurant).

Katie is a talented young chef trying to open a second restaurant while not quite able to step aside at the first one – in other words, the staff thinks she’s bossy and wishes she would go away.  The construction on her new restaurant is not going smoothly, causing her much stress. In the middle of this, she starts seeing a strange girl sitting on her dresser in the room where she lives above the Seconds restaurant.

In the dresser, she finds a mushroom and the instructions to erase mistakes. An accident in the kitchen that burns one of the servers causes Katie to follow the instructions for a ‘revision’. A run-in with her ex-boyfriend prompts her to do it again. The mysterious girl on the dresser warns her that she is only entitled to use the power once, but life is full of mistakes so if you have a chance to correct them…

Needless to say, things get out of hand for Katie. What life does she really want for herself? Does she want her ex-boyfriend back? Does she want to renovate the old building for her new restaurant or should she have chosen the other one at better location?

The author/artist (who also gave us the Scott Pilgrim series) has created vibrant graphics to tell this intriguing story. The manga inspired characters inhabit wonderfully detailed panels that only add to the enjoyment of this story.

~Review by Will Smither, Indy PL Librarian and Teen Services Committee. You Know You Wanna Read It Blog.

Free Comic Book Day!


On Saturday May 4th, we will be giving away comic books for free! Comics will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Limit one per patron. Don’t forget to browse our extensive collection of comics and graphic novels that are always available for checkout. (At the Flanner House Branch, Free Library Day will be Monday, May 6th.)

You can also check out Free Comic Book Day at our friendly neighborhood comic book store, Downtown Comics.

They go quickly, so get out of bed and get to the Library early.

What will you get this Saturday? Let us know in the comments below!

Did you know that comic books are big business, generating more than $700 million in sales in North America alone last year? First created in the early 1930s, the modern comic book featuring superheroes has expanded into a wide range of storylines and characters, making the genre more popular than ever.

Free Comic Book Day!

If your library branch is open on Saturdays, stop by on May 5th to pick up a free comic book! If your branch is closed on Saturdays, Free Comic Book Day will happen there on Monday, May 7th. Downtown Comics sponsors these fantastic giveaways. While you are picking up a free awesome comic, check out the library’s collection of graphic novels. Remember borrowing from the library is always free!

For more info click Free Comic Book Day  or Downtown Comics.

While we’re talking comics–are you going to see the Avengers? I’m so there!


CLICK HERE to see the Avengers comics available from the library!

Free Comic Book Day — May 7, 2011

Hey Hey, It’s Free Comic Book Day!

Stop by any library branch on May 7th or after and pick up a comic book totally for FREE!  Since 2002, comic shops have been giving out free comics to their customers on the first Saturday in May.   (The branches that are closed on Saturday May 7, 2011 will have them to give out on Monday May 9, 2011). This celebration of comics and comic book stores has grown over the last nine years to include author visits, costume contests and all sorts of other events.  Downtown Comics decided to include the library in all the fun, and they donate comics to all our branches for us to pass along to you!  So visit us, get something for free and check out the library’s collection of graphic novels available to borrow.  We have everything from your favorite superheroes to independent comics and manga.  For more info click Free Comic Book Day  or Downtown Comics.

What is a Comic Book? (Try Wikipedia) What do comic books consist of? (Check out Comic Book Resources) Where can you find comic books?  First start at your local library (www.imcpl.org ) and look in the nonfiction section of 741’s.  Next you could visit different comic book stores around town, or around your neighborhood.  Graphic novels are also available at bookstores.

What is your favorite comic book? Is it Garfield or the Bone series to name a couple? Please share your answer on the Teen Scene Blog.


The Amazing Spider-Man, The Complete Clone Saga Epic Book1


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Mike Mignola’s  B.P.R.D. (10) The Warning


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