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Hot Girl, by Dream Jordan

Hot Girl
Glancing at the cover of this book definitely intrigued me. It makes you want to pick it up and find out more about this “hot girl.” This book draws the reader from the very first scene which takes place at a basketball game in Brooklyn. You’ll meet Kate, a want-to-be “hot girl” and Naleejah a “hot girl.” Kate has had a rough life, bouncing between foster and group homes her whole life. When Naleejah saunters into her life she wants to be just like her. She’s beautiful, has great clothes, and attitude that turns heads. Does Naleejah have it all? What will happen to Kate? Does Naleejah have it made? You’ll have to read Hot Girl to find out!

March Madness: The NCAA Tournament

The NCAA Tournament (aka March Madness) is when?  What is March Madness? The tournament brackets are unveiled on March 15th and the first round begins March 19th. The final four will be held on April 4th-6th at Ford Field in Detroit.   March Madness is when the top 65 College Basketball Teams play against each other to find out the top or best College Basketball Team.  I am sure everyone knows what NCAA stands for, but just in case: NCAA stand for the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

What are the teams to watch?  What does it take to make a good March Madness Team?  What are some of your favorite March Madness food, drinks, and rituals? Which is the best to watch the men’s or women’s March Madness?  Seems like there is no one way to prepare for March Madness and the Final Four, but to just watch and see what happens.  There always to seem to be some big or unexpected upset before it is all over. 

Check these titles out at your local library:

March Madness: An Insider's Look At The Final Four
March Madness: An Insider’s Look At The Final Four by C.J. Jones        
796.32363 JON










NBA Champions by Doug Marx
j 796.323



Cinderella: Inside The Rise Of Mid-Major College Basketball by Michael Litos
796.32363 LIT










 NCAA March Madness

NCAA March Madness: Cinderellas, Superstars, And Champions From The NCAA Men’s Final Four     

796.323 N3372t






 25 years of Champions

25 years of Champions
DVD 796.32364TWE                 









March Madness Websites:

1.  http://mmod.ncaa.com/

2.  http://www.ncaamarchmadness2009.com/mens/

3.  http://www.ncaamarchmadness2009.com/womens/