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Wings, by Aprilynne Pike

It is so hard to be a Twihard. The Saga is finished. Midnight Sun was lost to drama on the interwebs. No Breaking Dawn movie fix until December. The Bree Tanner book was a downer. (Even if we all knew it could only end one way) It’s enough to make someone deliberately try for a paper cut while at a vampire birthday party. It´s okay though- the goddess divine herself, Stephenie Meyer recommends Wings by Aprilynne Pike as “A remarkable debut”. If you need more than that to commit, know this- it’s totally Twilight with faeries. The heroine, Laurel knows she is different- she realizes how different when she wakes up to find that wings have blossomed on her back. A classmate, the sweet and understanding David, uses his mad life science skills to help her uncover her mystical heritage. Then Tamani, an unbelievably gorgeous forest fairie guardian, tells Laurel why she gave up her memories and Avalon to live in the human world. Also, there are trolls. Bad trolls.

Team: Tamani FTW!