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“After the Duchess of the Lake catches Violet with Ash, the hired companion at the Palace of the Lake, Violet has no choice but to escape the Jewel or face certain death, so along with Ash and her best friend, Raven, Violet runs away from her unbearable life of servitude”– Provided by publisher.

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The Break-Up Artist REVIEW


The Break-Up Artist by Philip Siegel

Available in Print and ebook.

Philip Siegel’s debut novel, The Break-Up Artist, is going to please even the most reluctant readers with its fast pace and entertaining characters. Named a top ten most anticipated YA book by Barnes and Noble, this novel brought me back to my high school years and how painful it can be when friends start pairing up, and friendships begin to change.

Even though Becca has never had a boyfriend, she has witnessed her sister’s heartbreak, and that has jaded Becca’s view of love and relationships. The girls in the school treat people who have never been in a relationship as “other” and constantly act as if Becca can’t possibly understand anything pertaining to relationships since she has never had one. From Becca’s POV, relationships are over-rated and not worth having when they force you to change who you are for the other person.

Becca’s secret job as the break-up artist was entertaining and kept me wondering how she was going to manipulate or trick people next. It sounds kind of mean, but she justifies it by saying if they were really in love, these things would not break them up. Although you might be tempted to dislike Becca, you can also totally understand why she is doing these things. Plus, she’s getting paid to do it. People are hiring her to do it. It’s not like she’s picking people out of the crowd herself. Right?

Teens will like this fast-paced, simple narrative from Becca’s POV.

-Review by Michelle Frost



In a future world where those between the ages of thirteen and eighteen can have their lives "unwound" and their body parts harvested for use by others, three teens go to extreme lengths to uphold their beliefs--and, perhaps, save their own lives.
In a future world where those between the ages of thirteen and eighteen can have their lives “unwound” and their body parts harvested for use by others, three teens go to extreme lengths to uphold their beliefs–and, perhaps, save their own lives.

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Available in Print, CD Audiobook, ebook

This book was amazingly good. The entire premise of the story was thought provoking. Instead of abortion, when kids are between the ages of 13-18, their parents can send them to harvest camps to be “unwound.” There are various contemporary elements to this dystopian story… for example, safe haven laws for women who want to abandon their babies today are called “storking” in this book… and storking comes with its own set of rules.

Some kids are “tithed.” Unwanted kids are conveniently unwound. Orphaned kids and storked kids are frequently unwound. They don’t view it as killing the kids, because they live on, in pieces. In fact, in one particularly gruesome chapter, the reader gets to experience an unwind being unwound, with him. They are required to keep the unwinds conscious during the process… Imagine having your entire body harvested while you are conscious of what is being done to you, until the very end.I’d love to see this series be made into a movie, but I am not sure how this scene could be shown.

There are also “clappers” in the book, which I equate with suicide bombers of today. There is one chapter that actually attempts to delve into the mind of a clapper and how they justify and rationalize their actions. The novel, at times, almost has a holocaust feel to it, especially when the kids are sent off to the harvest camps to be unwound and then have to walk up to the guarded building, flanked with other guards. If you like dystopian adventures, I would definitely recommend this one. It has unique ideas, interesting twists on controversial topics of today, light romance, adventure, and more! This is the 1st book in a 4 book series (Dystology!) that also includes a novella that you will want to read after the Unwind.

-Review by Michelle Frost


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Here are a few from today!

Aspect of Winter More Info Borrow
By Tom Early. From Harmony Ink Press.
(14 reviews) Amazon rank #2,832,790

2nd Edition

High school isn’t easy for any gay teen, and on top of everything, Fay struggles to understand his supernatural powers―and keep them hidden from everyone but his best friend Sam. It’s almost too much for anyone to cope with, and it’s all Fay can do to endure.

Then Fay and Sam come to the attention of a representative from Janus University, a college for people who display magical potential.

carefully everywhere descending More Info Borrow
By L.B. Bedford. From Harmony Ink Press.
(20 reviews)

Audrey Anderson has one chance to escape poverty―excel academically and get into a good school. She’ll let nothing stand between her and her goal: not dating and certainly not snotty Scarlett West. The girls can’t stand each other, so why is Scarlett hanging around Audrey and getting under Audrey’s skin―in more ways than one?

Scarlett needs a tutor, and Audrey doesn’t want the job. She still resents Scarlett offering to pay Audrey to do her homework, but her compassionate best friend talks Audrey into giving Scarlett a second chance.

Failstate: Nemesis (Failstate Series) More Info Borrow
(2 reviews) Amazon rank #1,112,319

Abaddon will destroy you all! Robin Laughlin (a.k.a. the superhero Failstate) has finally achieved his dream. Not only is he a licensed vigilante, but he’s respected by his fellow heroes, feared by criminals, and he’s finally achieved peace in his family, especially with his brother, Ben (a.k.a. the superhero Gauntlet). That, plus the love of his girlfriend, Charlene, has made life good. But then Failstate learns a secret about his father. Rather than the loving family man he remembers, Failstate’s father was a criminal who got himself killed when he crossed the wrong people.

into the dark
Into the Dark More Info Borrow
By Caroline T. Patti. From Month9Books, LLC.
(10 reviews) Amazon rank #1,350,484

A “sweet sixteen” party is supposed to be among the most memorable events of a girl’s life. But on the night of her party, Mercy Clare wakes up in the waiting room of a hospital with no memory of how she got there. To make matters worse, she’s wearing something she would never be caught dead in: her best friend Lyla’s clothes. Mercy’s nightmare is just beginning. The doctor tells her, referring to her as Lyla, that Mercy is lying in the hospital bed waiting to die.

The Other Inheritance More Info Borrow
By Rebecca Jaycox. From Rocking Horse Publishing.
(21 reviews) Amazon rank #1,743,351

Seventeen-year-old Reggie has been having a tougher time than usual. As if dealing with her alcoholic mother and fighting school bullies isn’t enough, this biker dude shows up in her dreams, babbling about magic and a world called the Other. Then, in biology class, her finger brushes a dead frog set out for dissection and it leaps off the table, scaring everyone, including her. Reggie’s life is changing, and she has no idea why.

The Sister Pact More Info Borrow
By Stacie Ramey. From Sourcebooks Fire.
(73 reviews) Amazon rank #50,492

In Electronic Format Who holds your secrets?

Allie is devastated when her sister commits suicide-and it’s not just because she misses her. Allie feels betrayed. The two made a pact that they’d always be together, in life and in death, but Leah broke her promise and Allie needs to know why.

Her parents hover. Her friends try to support her. And Nick, sweet Nick, keeps calling and flirting. Their sympathy only intensifies her grief.

But the more she clings to Leah, the more secrets surface.