Silent Alarm by Jennifer Banash Review

silent alarmSilent Alarm by Jennifer Banash

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The gun was pointed right in her face. Just minutes before, someone had come into the school library yelling about the shooter. Alys heard shots fired and found herself facing the gunman, her brother Luke. The gun shots, the screams, the blood – a horrible nightmare and she was right in the middle of it.

In her life before the shooting, Alys had her best friend Delilah and her boyfriend Ben. She had time for little else, practicing her violin for an important audition at the end of the school year – the one she’d been preparing for her whole life. Her parents had sacrificed so much to get her to this point.

In her life after, Alys has lost everything. Her family is blamed for her brother’s actions. Her parents are breaking apart. And Alys can’t even pick up her violin. The only person who will speak to her is her brother’s best friend, Riley and he is as confused as anyone about Luke’s actions.

Alys cannot reconcile the brother of her childhood and the one who killed people. She is haunted by him; seeing him and talking to him. Is it real? It doesn’t matter since the tragedy will never make sense. Luke will never be able to explain why he killed so many people including ones he knew his whole life, like Ben’s younger sister.

Luke spared Alys’s life, but she is a victim, too. He killed the life she had before and maybe the one she was going to have. This story gives us just a glimpse into an all too common event in our society.

~Review by Will Smither, Indy PL Librarian and Teen Services Committee. You Know You Wanna Read It Blog.

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Summer Learning Engagement Opportunities for Middle & High School Students

Wayne Library shared this great information on their Facebook page! Thanks Wayne!

Summer Learning Engagement Opportunities for Middle & High School Students

Beatz & Books
■ Program of The Indianapolis Public Library |
■ June 1 – July 25th, 2015 – summer reading program for teens and parents
■ Participants get prizes
■ Ongoing program

Campecine Youth Academy
■ Program of the Latino Youth Collective |
■ 6-week program training in New Media Technologies and College Readiness
■ Participants get stipend
■ Application deadline: May

Coding Camp
■ Program of the Kheprw Institute |
■ 3-week summer camp | cost: $400 | scholarships available
■ Application: Ongoing until full

Career for the Future Summer Internship
■ Program of the Indiana Latino Institute |
■ High school seniors are encouraged to apply- career training
■ Participants get stipend
■ Application deadline: March

Youth Farm Initiative
■ Program of Felege Hiywot Center |
■ High School Students – gardening, ecology and environment
■ Application Deadline: April

Health Careers Opportunity Program
■ Program of Area Health Education Center |
■ High school students interested in health related careers
■ Participants get stipend
■ Application Deadline: May

Leadership Institute for Latino Youth
■ Program of La Plaza |
■ 5-week summer program for 7-12th grade students
■ Application opens: March

■ 6-week summer employment and career readiness program |
■ 16-18 year old students
■ Participants get stipend
■ Applications deadline: April

Indy Youth Social Justice Camp
■ Program of Peace Learning Center |
■ 13-18 year olds
■ Application deadline: May

Project Stepping Stone
■ One-week college preparation and readiness program |
■ Open to current sophomores and juniors
■ Application deadline: April

Upward Bound Program
■ 6-week program at IUPUI where students participate and live in dorms |
■ Open to current freshmen and sophomores
■ Application deadline: November

Young Innovators Quest
■ Program of Health & Sciences Innovation |
■ Open to students who are interested in medical fields
■ Application deadline: May

Youth Tree Team
■ Program of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful |
■ 7-week summer job for high school students- city beautification, forestry and urban planning
■ Application deadline: March

Your Life – Your Story – Latino Youth Summit
■ Collaboration between LHO, School of Public Health & Strong Families, Bright Futures
■ One-week summer program for Latino youth ages 14-17
■ Application deadline: May

Television Production Intern
■ Program of WFYI |
■ Open to students interested in television production | 30+ hours/week
■ Application deadline: ongoing until full


Earn and Learn

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