Nation, by Terry Pratchett


Terry Pratchett is well-known for his satirical and wise adult novels about “Discworld” and his award-winning Young Adult books. His latest book, Nation, is an exciting and funny novel for teens about survival, human nature, racism, and the meaning of community.

On a sort of 1880’s alternate Earth, the young daughter of the heir to the British throne is stranded on a small island by a tsunami. Stranded with her is 12-year-old Mau, the only survivor of the island’s inhabitants; but soon they are joined by other survivors from nearby islands, looking for a place to live — and a place to belong. Only Mau can hear the voices of his ancestors demanding that he fix everything. Together the two young people face mutineers, cannibal raiders, adults who want to take over, and just as frightening, their own prejudices and ingrained habits. A great book that will be equally enjoyed by teens and adults.


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