Evernight, by Claudia Gray: Reviewed by Mariah


This book was amazing i loved it. In the begining the main chasrachter seems like any other girl forced in to a bording school because her parents. then the way she meets her loveable hero is so amazing. him thinking she is a damsile in destreas and her thinking that he is some killed in the end they realize they are just classmates . her loveable hero knows a secreat and we could tell threw the story. know they go back to evernight because the girl decides not to run away and then we realize that evernight has let in a diffrent type and that they stick out. she is like the outsiders. one of the outsiders asked the girl if she belived in evel and she pointed out the dead squerails. and then it was time for the formal ball most bording schools have and that is where we learn the main girls secreat that she … you know what read the book to find out i’m turning it in today 2/18/09… enjoy the read i did



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