Jack: Secret Histories by F. Paul Wilson

Jack: Secret Histories

Jack: Secret Histories

We are always looking for heroes, someone to admire, someone who can save the day, someone who can make things right..  Those who have discovered F. Paul Wilson’s character Repairman Jack know they have found a true hero.  Repairman Jack is a fixer–if someone has a problem, he can take care of it.  He is righteous and just, if not always legal, and the 12 novels featuring Repairman Jack are full of page-turning adventure.  But what contributed to the man who is Repairman Jack? 

 F. Paul Wilson begins to answer this question in his new book, JACK: SECRET HISTORIES.  Fourteen year old Jack and his best friends Eddie and Weezy discover a rotting corpse in the woods, as well as a mysterious artifact, and something just isn’t right about the whole situation.  Someone’s getting the short end of the stick, and Jack doesn’t like it, so he works to make things right.  As he discovers his knack for fixing situations, Jack sets in motion his future as the Repairman.


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