Fill Your Mp3 Player with Words

There’s more to download than just music, you can download audiobooks for free with your library card.  You check them out to your computer, and then transfer them to your mp3 player.  Some titles you can even burn to CD.  

Why would you want to listen to a book?  Lots of reasons!  You can “read” while doing other stuff, like working out, riding the bus or mowing the lawn.  You can listen to books for fun or listen to the books you are assigned to read for school.  Listening to a book you are reading can help you remember more about the story. 

The library has tons of titles to download.  Look at lists of downloadable audiobooks and check them out here: Downloadable Audiobooks

We’ve got everything from Shakespeare to Twilight.  History books on world wars to Erin Hunter’s The Warriors. 

New titles include Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist , Paper Towns, and the Pendragon Series

You’re never too old to listen to a story!


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