Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer: Reviewed by Alexis

Beaking Dawn Alexis, a library user, had the following to say about Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

Warning: there are some mild spoilers in the review. So if you haven’t read the book yet, continue reading at your own risk.

See Alexis’ Review


4 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer: Reviewed by Alexis

  1. wel yea i mean the book is awesome man bela getting pregnat and ernesmee sounds so awesome and jake imprinting her ahhh ugh i don’t like jake at al he’s just likethe ugh i don’t know but breaking dawn is cool and in the end were bells is a shield and the voultiar come that part is preety cool and i mean ahh i love twilight and it’s sieres!

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  3. Yeah, I really think she should continue the series. There would be a lot of people that would buy her books in a hearbeat..

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