Orleans, by Sherri L. Smith

OrleansIf you’ve had enough of flesh-eating zombies, but still enjoy novels with post-apocalyptic themes, try Orleans, by Sherri L Smith. The author of Flygirl (a fictionalized account of a “lighter-skinned” African American female who passes for white in order to join WASP [Women Airforce Service Pilots]), stretches her story-telling skills by penning a dystopian novel of post-Katrina New Orleans where a virus has killed most of the Gulf Coast residents. Only those without tainted blood survive. Survivors find food, family, shelter, and protection by aligning themselves tribally by blood type, rather than by race/ethnicity.

Hardscrabble Fern de la Guerre must deliver a newborn baby girl to the Outer States before her blood is contaminated by the Delta Fever virus. Aided by Daniel, a scientist from outside Orleans, Fern embarks on a dangerous journey to ensure the baby girl is given an opportunity for a virus-free life.

Recommended by Rhonda Oliver, Brightwood Library


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