Dying to Go Viral, by Sylvia McNicoll

Dying to Go ViralJade dies.  That’s not the end of the novel Dying to Go Viral; it’s the beginning.  Riding a skateboard without a helmet is not smart.  But doing that while hanging onto the back of a car so someone can film it and make a viral video?  That’s just stupid.   So, Jade dies.

But when Jade meets her mom on the other side, she realizes all of the grief that her decision and outcome have caused her father and brother.  She asks to come back for just one week. One week in which she can’t change anything, almost.   One week to make things better, somehow.   And she’s given the chance.

The moment she returns to her body, she see’s a friend about to do a skateboarding move that will break his wrist.   So, of course, she tries to stop it.  She does, but he injures himself worse just a few moments later.  With only a week on this Earth, Jade realizes that it’s not about the small stuff; it’s more about the Big Picture.  She discovers that she can only make little changes, like having the family eat together, talking to her brother about going to college after all.   But how can she set things on a better path with only days to go?

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