Prom Season is upon us.

It’s that time of year. THE PROM. (Insert appropriate theme music here.) So many things to worry about. So many things to do! Browsing through catalogs, dreaming of the perfect dress, picking just the right color. Tuxedo rentals. (Why don’t they rent dresses?) Trying to get the nerve to ask that special person to go to the prom with you. Waiting for that special person to ask you. Then there’s the Prom Committee. The posters everywhere. The theme of the prom. The high-priced tickets. And the details of the event: Who’s driving? Limo or carpool or drive yourselves? Negotiating curfews with the parents. Where to eat afterwards? Budgeting your money. Hair appointments. Nail appointments. The corsage. And of course, DANCING!!!!

Seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? Well, here’s a list of books to help you with the whole experience. Pick one up today! And we hope that your prom experience is memorable and safe!

How-to books:

The Prom Book: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need


The Prom Book: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need by Lauren Metz


The Book of Styling


The Book of Styling by Somer Flaherty


Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style


Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style by Ann Shoket


Fashion Design Workshop


Fashion Design Workshop by Stephanie Corfee


Lauren Conrad Style


Lauren Conrad Style


Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty


Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty


Interested more in prom-related stories? Here are a few titles to check out and curl up with. Enjoy!

Princess in Pink


Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot



Cindy Ella


Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer



Zombie Queen of Newbury High


Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby





Prom by Ellie O’Ryan





Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson



A Really Nice Prom Mess


A Really Nice Prom Mess by Brian Sloan



Prom Anonymous


Prom Anonymous by Blake Nelson



Prom Nights from Hell


Prom Nights from Hell by Meg Cabot et al



–sent by Michael, and by Janet Spaulding


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