The Bridge, By Jane Higgins

The Bridge“We rode to war in a taxi-cab.” That’s how this dystopian novel starts out and it just doesn’t stop. The title of the book refers to bridges that cross over the river down the center of the city. Split into Cityside (the haves) and Southside (the have-nots), the bridges are gated, keeping the two sides apart. Nik is a Cityside kid with a great future ahead of him with the security force of Cityside.

…..and then his school is bombed, the gated bridges are broken down and Nik’s world and everything he knows is turned upside-down. How could Nik have it so wrong? Or does he?

The Bridge deals with identity, racism, brainwashed masses and war. The situation described in the book is eerily (and maybe purposefully) similar to the Israel-Palestine situation that exists today. Read this and then have your friends read it. You’ll be talking about it for a while.

A great first book from a New Zealand author that will leave you breathless and begging for more. The author’s website is: and has the book trailer and more.

Enjoy it, we did.

–reviewed by Michael Perry


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