Fall from Grace, by Charles Benoit

Fall from GraceFall from Grace
Sawyer has his whole life planned out. Not by him, but by his parents and his girlfriend Zoë. He’s trying to figure out what he want to do, what he wants to be, and just who he really is. Grace, on the other hand, is spontaneous and a little cray. What Grace wants to do, Grace does. She has a plan to become famous. A plan to get rich. And a plan to have fun. When Grace walks into Sawyer’s life, he finds himself on a wild journey starting with stealing a mock UN treaty, then a math test until finally he’s planning an art theft from a museum! What? What’s happened to him? How did he get here? Told from Sawyer’s point of view, this fast-paced story will have you turning pages until you hit the ending from out of the blue.

–Posted by Michael Perry


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