After the Snow, by S. D. Crockett

After the SnowLast week’s snow was something else, wasn’t it? 7.5 inches here in Indianapolis. And the whole city seemed to stop for a day. But then the sun comes out, the snow melts and spring comes back every year, doesn’t it?

But what if it doesn’t? Enter S.D. Crockett’s After the SnowSet in a dystopian future where the Earth is in a modern Ice Age, this is the story of Willo, the son of a survivor/trapper, who is pretty good at surviving and trapping on his own. WIllo and his family live far outside the city, living on the land and on their own. But all that changes when Willo returns from a solo trip out trapping and hunting only to find his family gone, taken by the government he was taught to mistrust and stay away from. For the first time, he finds himself alone. Willo sets off across the frozen snow and ice to search for them, listening to the voice of a dog in his head. (You’ll understand when you read the book, I promise.)
During the journey, he meets and falls for a young girl. He also has to dig into his own family’s history and secrets, including who he really is and where his future lies.
Told in a dialect that is different at first, this story quickly brings you into the adventure and keeps you connected through the book. You’ll be reading this coming-of-age novel in one sitting and wanting to know more.


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