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 Our thanks go to Casey Harron at Tutor.com for writing this blogpost about mobile use of Tutor.com

We don’t need to tell you how popular mobile is. You already know that there’s an app for this and a HTML5 site for that. But did you know one of the things you can do with mobile is get free help with your homework?

Through IndyPL’s partnership with Tutor.com, you can access a live tutor to get help with your homework straight from your phone or tablet! From the Tutor.com To Go app available on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices to our HTML5 site that provides access from any mobile phone or tablet, you can access a tutor from pretty much anywhere.

And the process is easy. To connect in your phone’s browser, just follow these three steps:
1. Sign in the same way you do at your computer
2. Choose the subject
3. Work with a tutor!

And to connect through the Tutor.com To Go app, follow these four:
1. Download the app to your phone
2. Sign in the same way you do at your computer
3. Choose the subject
4. Work with a tutor!

It’s pretty simple, right? So this fall when you head back to school, remember IndyPL’s partnership with Tutor.com. That way you can get help at the park, the mall, at your friend’s house, on a family road trip, the possibilities are endless. But just not at the dinner table, because no one should use their phone at the dinner table!

Before you leave, check out a demo of Tutor.com To Go on the iPhone from our VP of Technology, Russell Greenspan!


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