Geek Out @ Your Library: Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week is here!  Geek out at your library, March 4th through 10th! Libraries are chock-full of tech toys like CDs, DVDs and computers, and they’re a great place to get connected to online homework help, research resources, gaming, music, the Web and more. Stop by any IMCPL branch during Teen Tech Week and pick up an Internet Scavenger Hunt.  (Or click here and print from home! ttw-2012-scavenger-hunt)

Find the answers, complete a short survey and turn in for a prize!
Need a hint to one of the scavenger hunt questions? Post in the comments for tips!

Click to hear Tom Kenny, the voice of Sponge Bob Square Pants, talk about Teen Tech Week.


3 thoughts on “Geek Out @ Your Library: Teen Tech Week

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