Sister Wife, by Shelley Hrdlitschka

Sister WifeSister Wife   TEEN FIC HRD

Fifteen-year-old Celeste lives in Unity, a small religious town where The Movement is the only acceptable way of life.  Everyone in The Movement must obey the religious laws and commands handed down by the Prophet. And one of those commands is that when she reaches age fifteen, a girl must marry the much older man assigned to her by the Prophet.  This older man will already have several wives, for polygamy is mandatory in The Movement.  Celeste has always tried to be like everyone else in Unity.  But lately her thoughts have been straying, and all she can think of is Jon—a nice, funny guy her own age.  Because such “impure” thoughts are dangerous, Celeste’s father and the Prophet deem it best for her to marry at once.  Celeste has no choice but to obey or else her family will be forever shamed in the eyes of the community.  And Celeste can’t live with that thought.  But how can she live as one wife among many….forever known as a sister wife?


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