10 Reasons to See Breaking Dawn, and 10 Reasons Not to

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, the fourth film in the Twilight saga, opens on November 18th-
Below are the top ten reasons you should buy a ticket-
Below that are the top ten reasons why you shouldn’t buy a ticket.



New MoonTop Ten Reasons to see Breaking Dawn:
1. Robert Pattinson without a shirt on!
2. Your girlfriend will be there
3. Because Bella and Edward will last way longer than 72 days
4. Edward likes to watch Bella sleep
5. You love weddings!
6. Jacob is hot
7. The Twilight Saga is the Romeo and Juliet of Generation Y
8. Stephenie Meyer > J.K. Rowling
9. Sparkly vampires!
10. In the end, everyone lives happily ever after
EclipseTop Ten Reasons not to see Breaking Dawn:
1. Robert Pattinson without a shirt on
2. Your mother will be there
3. The Royal Wedding was enough for you
4. Edward is a total stalker
5. You hate weddings!
6. Jacob is hot for an unborn child
7. The Twilight Saga is so not the Romeo and Juliet of Generation Y
8. J.K. Rowling > Stephenie Meyer
9. Real vampires don’t sparkle
10. In the end, Buffy should slay Edward

Do you have a suggestion for either list? Please comment! (Make sure you wouldn’t be ashamed if your mom read it!)

Also, check out a couple of reader reviews for the Twilight books-

these books are totally AWESOME!they are like my favorite books ever!(besides the pjato series because those books are awesome to) — pjatolover99

Twilight is a spell-binding story made up of miraculous characters and an intriguing outlook on fantasized creatures. I would recommend this book to just about any child over the age of ten. Make sure you have your parent’s permission before you set out into Stephanie’s amazing realm, some of this material is not suitable for immature children. When you are done with the first book, there are also many others in the series and I reccommend all of the others just as strongly, sincerely sam.


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